‘90s nostalgia sweeps in at Crows concert

by Kendra Germany

Staff writer

The ’90s alternative rock band the Counting Crows made a stop at Winstar World Casino in Thackerville on Nov. 9, proving that they are still just as talented as they were 15 years ago.

There were different styles and sounds of music to come out of the ’90s, and the list of influential artists from that time period is virtually endless. However, a personal favorite of mine has always been Counting Crows.

Their songs take me back to a much simpler time. A time where I obsessively listened to the music my older brother and cousins liked.

I remember falling in love with the melodic sound of both the music and lead singer Adam Duritz’s voice.

When it was released to the public that Counting Crows would be performing at Winstar, I immediately made plans to attend the show.

I truly was anxious to see if the live performance would match that of the band’s earlier days, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The band played a total of 18 songs that were mixture of both popular and lesser-known songs.

Duritz’s vocals were flawless, and the sheer talent of the band was surprising.

Throughout the night the piano, guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, accordion, clarinet, banjo, bass and drums were played on stage.

One of the best performances of the night was “A Long December.” This is a song that holds so much personal meaning, and the live version did not disappoint.

However, my favorite performance of the night was ironically the last song of the night.

The band closed the show with “Holiday in Spain,” a song that would probably make in into my all time favorite list.

The lyrics are a little bit crazy, but so are the Counting Crows.

This show was actually pretty great for a casino show. Duritz made a comment about how playing in a casino can sometimes be a drag, but this show was different.    The energy of the crowd made all the difference.

As for an overall performance, the Counting Crows proved that they are still a relevant and extremely talented band.

I would strongly recommend seeing them play live and plan on doing so the next time they come around.

November 15, 2012