Back to the Mudpit

Great scott, the time has come to go “Back to the Mudpit” for Springfest 2015, hosted by the Student Government Association.

Held April 5 thru April 9, Springfest is a week full of activities focused on helping students relax by getting them involved with school. “Fun, friendly competition,” allows for social gatherings with rewards on all sides.

Alayna Gipson, and Katie Fernandez serve as co-chairs for this year’s events and have planned the major events of Springfest with much enthusiasm.

This year’s “Back to the Mudpit” theme is reminiscent of “Back to the Future,” the second film of which takes place in 2015. Music from the film and t-shirt designs related can be expected.

Kicking off Sunday, April 5, a Welcome Food Challenge will be hosted at the amphitheater, which will involve the speed eating of four different mystery foods.

Monday’s events will bring participants to the volleyball court, where they will be blindfolded and throw water balloons at their opponents, in the style of the classic “Battleship” game, labeled Human Battleship.

Tuesday will see a dodge ball tournament at the Glen D. Johnson Student Union gymnasium, followed immediately by a Minute-to-Win-It contest, not unlike last year’s Springfest, where one team member will represent their squad in trying to shake ping-pong balls out of their backsides.

Wednesday will proceed with the traditional mud volleyball challenge held across from the theatre building.  A drudge through the sludge that will make more than its fair share of participants take a gooey mud bath as they strive to stay up and volley balls across the net.

The final day of Springfest will be Thursday, April 9. It will feature service projects at Families Feeding Families, the Boys and Girls Club of Durant and possibly St. Catherine’s.

Splatterbeat, another Springfest tradition, will precede the official awards ceremony, both hosted at the amphitheater. Splatterbeat is an event where cleanliness is not the object. It involves drumming on trashcans covered in paint and water and always ends in fun.

According to Fernandez, “Scores will be considered throughout the week based on who wins what events, attendance at the events and overall, the most points earned for activities.”

Packets for Springfest are due by April 1st, and can be obtained at Student Affairs in the Administration building, room 205, or at the SGA office on the third floor of the Student Union.

First, second and third place awards will be given at the awards ceremony, with awards also given for the best team flags. Ideas to be considered, based on the theme, could relate to the “Back to the Future” series, and as flags will be judged for their creativity. All teams are encouraged to be as creative as possible.

Fernandez said, “The point is to have fun and don’t stress about it. Don’t take it too serious. Be creative with your team names and flags and show up for more points. Oh, and good luck eating all of that food.”

This year’s Springfest marks the 31st annual event, as SGA coordinators have encouraged students to prepare to “get dirty,” as is central to the overall attempt of the spirit of the event.

Students are encouraged to wear easily disposable clothing that they will not mind getting torn and filthy. The games are being carefully monitored and considered for levels of fun and safety by the SGA office.

Vice President Sharon Robinson advises the SGA office. The schedule of events can be found by visiting or calling either her office or the SGA office.

Green Eggs and Hamlet entries are due

DURANT, Oklahoma- Jan. 31, 2015- The Southeastern Oklahoma State University English, Humanities and Languages department wants students and alumni to remember that March 3, 2015 is the deadline for Green Eggs and Hamlet submissions for the 2015 publication.

The publication will celebrate its 24 anniversary at SE this year, compiling short stories, poems, chapter excerpts, digital drawings, photographs, traditional drawings and more from both students and alumni. All majors are welcome and encouraged to submit their work for the publication.

“I really want to see the numbers of submissions soar this year,” said Green Eggs and Hamlet editor in chief Alex Lehr. “This is the single greatest opportunity to publish your work at Southeastern in a free, easily acceptable and creative way. I want to see what you students can come up with. That is the adventure of writing and art: the limits do not exist.”

Green Eggs and Hamlet is overseen by a variety of departments, notably Associate Professor Jack Ousey and Chair of English, Humanities and Languages Randy Prus.

Ousey has incorporated an academic opportunity into his classes at the Visual Arts building this semester, assigning students the chance to design a cover for the 2015 publication, the best of which will be used.

Submissions can be sent to, whether it be writing or an art work. Following the March 3 deadline, the Green Eggs and Hamlet staff will compile the submissions, rate them accordingly and work to have the 2015 publication free to the hands of SE staff, students and faculty by the end of the semester.

Do not miss your chance to give your imagination another home. Submit to Green Eggs and Hamlet today.

Contact Alex Lehr at, Randy Prus at or Advising Captain Hannah Jones at for more information if needed.

“Your submissions need to be experienced,” said Lehr. “They deserve an audience.”