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All students receive a Rewards Store Catalog. The catalog is packed with a variety of the latest and coolest items, but you have to use Talent Dollars (T$’s) to “purchase” an item.  Remember…you earn Talent Dollars by attending STEPS meetings, participating in STEPS field trips, making good grades, exhibiting good behavior, and going to tutoring (if needed).  The chart below shows how many T$s you earn for the following:

Attendance at meetings and special events:
Field trips          
Book Reports     
Perfect Attendance   
3 T$s
2 T$s
2 T$s
5 T$s
10T$s per 9 weeks and 60T$s for the entire year
Grades earned on report cards:
at desk
A –  4 T$’s
 B –  3 T$’s
C –  1 T$
D –    No way!  How about going to tutoring!   smile
order form Need an order form?  Click on the “order form” link to your left  and print one! 
Buy a book using your T$’s, write a book report, and earn additional T$’s.  You may even sell the book back in “good condition” much like in college!  You will get better prices! 🙂  Be sure to check out “The Learning Corner” for the latest “Recommended Reads” and the STEPS Guidelines for book reports.  Then READ! 
Founders of the Rewards & Recognition Program:
Dr. Tom and Mary Kimball of Dallas & Durant
We also are fortunate to have another major donor who wishes to remain anonymous.
Mentors & Contributors,
Business & Industry:
Southwest Airlines of Dallas
Captain Bob Dombrowski
Captain Mark Montgomery

Because of some generous donations made by friends of STEPS, the Rewards Store Catalog has grown.  If you have suggestions about appropriate items you would like to see included, please be sure to let us know.  See your Guidance Specialist to get your copy.   Remember, there are items in the catalog for:
Your room, fun & games, personal stuff and school supplies.

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To contact us:
Call 580-745-2420 or  580-745-2929
Durant (Main) Office
or 1-888-286-9431 ext. 5247  Idabel Office
Kris Simpson, Director
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