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at deskCould you use a little tutoring?   Check out the Magic School Bus at Scholastic – no matter what grade level, it can help!  Or visit Khan Academy – it is entirely free and has just about everything you could need!
Need some help with English or Language Arts?  Check out one (or all) of these sites:

Guide to Grammar and Writing—Basic grammar with quizzes to test you before the teacher does!
Modern Language—Do words like predicate nominative and dangling participle have you stumped?  Take a refresher course on the English language.
Elements of Style—Learn how to work your prose like a pro!
Roget’s Thesaurus—Impress your teacher with your superlative vocabulary

Social Studies, Civics, or History getting you down?  Check out one (or all) of these sites:

CNN Interactive—Find out what’s happening in your world today.
Cyber School Bus —Did you know that Fiji has a population of 809,000?  We didn’t either, until we visited this site.  Geography fans (or those who need a little help) could learn a lot here!
The White House—From this site, you can access every branch of our great American government
This Week in North American Indian History—This site lists over 3000 historical events which happened to or affected the indigenous peoples of North America.
African American History—The home of a multitude of links that chronicle the African American experience.

How are your Math and Science skills?  brain teaser

If you need a review or a little polishing check out the following:

Khan Academy—With Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Humanities, Science and more.

Whether you’ve already decided on the career of your dreams or you still don’t have a clue what you want to do after you graduate, these sites can help answer your career questions:ll as a human skeleton and a dinosaur!
High School Hub—An interactive site for high school students with help for Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.
Ask Dr. Math—For elementary through middle school, when you need a little help, check this site!
Check our middle school Math Problems of the Week site to keep you at your best in math or the Algebra site at Math Problem of the Week!

Occupational Outlook Handbook—Perform a keyword search to find the most extensive description of any occupation.
Career Explorer – Search for information on a variety of career options, look for scholarships, find a college, even take a aptitude assessment.
The Keirsey Character Sorter—How well you  like a particular career has much to do with your personality.  Take their personality inventory to see what careers might give you the most personal satisfaction.

If you need to do some research for a project or an assignment, you might want to check out www.britannica.com—an online encyclopedia.

Princeton Review
A helpful tool in planning your future!

Want to be involved in projects with NASA?nasa-logo 

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