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Top 10 Qualities Employers Seek:
According to Job Outlook 2016, an annual survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the top skills/personal qualities that employers seek, in order, are:
  1. Leadership 
  2. Ability to work in a team
  3. Communication skills (written)
  4. Problem-solving skills 
  5. Communication skills (verbal)
  6. Strong work ethic
  7. Initiative
  8. Analytical/quantitative skills
  9. Flexibility / Adaptability
  10. Technical skills
  11. Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)
  12. Computer skills
  13. Detail-oriented

So, how do you rate?
  Is there a particular area where you excel?  One that you might need to work on?  There is no better time than now!  Let your Guidance Specialist know if there is a particular area you would like to know more about. 

What lifestyle would you like?
hallenge yourself with a “Reality” Check!
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What kinds of jobs are right for you?
Think about your abilities, your personality and your style of working.  Then determine the kinds of occupations and career areas that may interest you.  You may discover there are many different jobs that fit YOU!  Now prepare yourself!


Registered Nurse? Wind Turbine Service Technician?
Sales? Speech-language pathologist? Computer systems analyst?
App or Software Developer?
Dental Hygienists? Social worker? Conservationist?

But hey, STEPS is all about YOU!  Tell us what career or profession you are interested in knowing more about and we will highlight it next month!

Kris says:  “send me an e-mail and tell me five (5) different things that you learned about a job and you earn 5T$s! ”  (be sure to give Kris your name and school)


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