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Look for this symbol on a poster in your school! We will be posting information you need to know such as meeting dates, times and places.

7th graders – We will be looking forward to getting to know you better at Orientation!  Be serious about your education and get the new year off to a strong start!  Do your best!  Keep reading – check out the “recommended reads” on the Learning Corner.

8th graders— Finish the year strong and be on the honor roll this semester!  When you are chillin’ READ!  Check out the “recommended reads” on the “Learning Corner” page or brain teasers!  Have you done something nice for someone else today?  Did you do it without expecting a lot of attention?  Have you volunteered in your community?  Go, do good things!  Keep in touch!  If you haven’t send your Oklahoma’s Promise application in!  You could use some help in paying for college tuition, right?  Be sure to attend STEPS meetings at your school and let us know if you need anything!  REMEMBER – Camp is coming soon!  Make sure we have your current mailing address and a good phone number where we can reach you!

9th  graders—Check out the latest “recommended reads” on the Learning Corner page and earn some T$s as well.  Read!  Be sure when your Guidance Specialist comes to your school that you attend the meetings and let him/her know of anything you need that STEPS can help you with!  Be sure to  sign up for Oklahoma’s Promise this year!

10th gradersOklahoma’s Promise (OHLAP) is one way to assure you have funding for college, so take advantage of the opportunity provided to you.  Volunteer to help someone who needs it!  Think about what you would like to be doing 10 years from now.  Make a plan.  Set a goal!  Let’s not wait for the deadline (June 30), get your application mailed soon!  This is your last year to take advantage of this opportunity!  

JuniorsLearn all you can to be prepared to take the ACT.  We have fee waivers available and you may take the ACT twice using fee waivers!  The first time, do your best, and learn about the ACT.  The second time, get your score as high as you can! Take a look at the ACT website at and register for the April 12 ACT if you haven’t already.  Please note:  The deadline is May 9 for the June 14 ACT! This year we encourage you to be a leader and represent yourself and STEPS in your school and community. Have a library?  Volunteer?  Know an elderly person who could use some help?  How about the Boys and Girls Clubs?  Volunteer! What career are you interested in knowing more about?  Do some research!  Stretch your mind! and your body! Participate in community service activities whenever you can and be a leader among your peers.  Read.  Check the website frequently for brain games, trivia, and the latest “Recommended Reads”.

Seniors—Congratulations, you’ve made it!  Congratulations on this STEP of your journey!  To be sure you are ready to start college next fall we’ll be here to make sure you have completed the following:

  • Apply yourself and take the next ACT! You must register by May 9 to take the June 14 ACT, so register right away at   See your Guidance Specialist for a fee waiver and do your best on test day.
  • Decide which colleges you want to visit and we can get those on the schedule!  Visit several college campuses to make sure you select the one that is the best one for you!
  • Submit your financial aid application as soon as possible after January 1 and BEFORE March 1!   Your Guidance Specialist will be visiting with you about financial aid, and if you have questions, ask!  This is critical to you being ready to start college next fall!
  •  After you visit colleges you can complete your application for admission to the college of your choice.  (Check the admissions criteria and meet all the deadlines.)
  • Apply for all the scholarships you can!
  • If there is anything left to do, come by the office, or give us a call and we’ll come to you!  Let’s be ready for your college career to begin next August!

If you have not received your “Personal Identification Number” (PIN) with the Department of Education you can use to sign you Federal Financial Aid do it today.  Go online to register for your PIN at and have one parent do so as well.  Remember – no loafing – strive to be at the top of the class before graduation!

2013-2014 ACT Test Dates



(Late Fee Required)

June 14, 2014 May 9,  2014 May 10 – 23, 2014


March 2014






































30 31 April 1 2 3 4 5

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