Southeastern Oklahoma State University Sociology Program

Suggested Course Sequence

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SOC 1113       Principles of Sociology

SOC 2213       Social Problems

SOC 3003       Introduction to Social Research

SOC 3123       Methods of Social Research (cross-listed with PSY 3313)

SOC 4113       Sociological Theory



Students must take 2 of the 3 courses in this section.  The 3rd course may also be taken and will count as an elective course within the major.

SGER 3443     Aging in Society (formerly Introduction to Social Gerontology)

SOC 3623       Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations

SOC 3823       Native American Cultures


ELECTIVES (15 hours from the following)

SOC 2353       Physical Anthropology

SOC 2453       Cultural Anthropology

SOC 3113       Analysis of Social Institutions

SOC 3223       Social Psychology

SOC 3323       Collective Behavior and Social Movements

SOC 3343       Medical Sociology

SOC 3423       Urban Society

SOC 3523       Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 3723       The Family

SOC 3883       Introduction to Social Work

SOC 3950       Field Experience in Social Work

SOC 4153       Sociology of Death and Dying

SOC 4333       Criminology

SOC 4383       Stratification and Inequality

SOC 4533       Population Dynamics

SOC 4883       Comparative Cultures

SOC 4960       Directed Readings

SOC 4970       Special Studies

SOC 4980       Seminar

SOC 4990       Research

SGER 4243     Psychology of Aging


The major would need to be increased from 33 to 36 hours.

The minor in Sociology should remain as it is currently configured.