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M.Ed. in School Administration

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Program Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant must be admitted to the School of Graduate and University Studies (A307).
  2. The applicant must be eligible for or hold a standard teaching certificate.

Course Requirements

  1. Research Component: 3 hours
    1. EDUC 5203 Introduction to Educational Research (Required for admission to candidacy).
  2. Professional Education Component: 9 hours
    1. EDUC 5103 History and Philosophy of Education
    2. EDUC 5153 Teaching Strategies
    3. EDUC 5113 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development
  3. Specialization Component: 24 hours
    1. EDAD 5303 Public School Administration
    2. EDAD 5313 Public School Relations
    3. EDAD 5323 Supervision of Teaching
    4. EDAD 5373 Public School Law
    5. EDAD 5403 School Operations Management
    6. EDAD 5473 Administration of Special Programs
    7. EDAD 5483 The Principalship: Internship I
    8. EDAD 5933 Internship II: Capstone Experience for the Principalship

Total Hours: 36 hours

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