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M.Ed. Mathematics Specialist

The M.Ed. Mathematics Specialist program is designed to prepare individuals with an academic background in education to assume the role of Mathematics Specialist in their school or district.  Graduates of this program may be called on to perform the following duties:

  • act as a resource person for mathematics education
  • mentor others in planning and teaching mathematics
  • assist staff in designing approaches to improve student achievement in mathematics
  • provide school-wide and/or district-wide professional development for teachers of mathematics

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 Why Teachers Should Take This Program

Do you want to improve your ability to teach math?  Do you see yourself in a leadership role, helping other teachers improve their math teaching skills?  The M.Ed. Mathematics Specialist program may be just what you’re looking for.  The program is appropriate for K-12 teachers, but courses cover the K-8 curriculum only.  All classes are taught completely online and you may start at the beginning of any semester.  We don’t believe you will find a more accessible and convenient way to complete your M.Ed.  The program is NCATE-approved and was created using standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), and the Oklahoma Elementary Mathematics Specialist (OEMS) Competencies.  COME JOIN US!

Program Admission Requirements

The applicant must first be admitted to the School of Graduate and University Studies (580-745-2200). Unconditional admission to the M.Ed. Mathematics Specialist program also requires: a teaching certificate in elementary, secondary, or special education; at least 12 hrs of undergraduate math coursework with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale; and completion of at least 3 years of teaching prior to graduation.

Oklahoma Elementary Mathematics Specialist (OEMS) Certification

The courses below indicated by (*) have been approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to satisfy the 18-hour course requirement for certification as an Oklahoma Elementary Mathematics Specialist.  See the Oklahoma State Department of Education for additional requirements.

Course Requirements

Required Research Component: 3 hours                                          

EDUC 5203 – Introduction to Educational Research


Required Professional Education Component:  9 hours                  

EDUC 5223 – Educational Statistics

(*) EDUC 5673 – The Role of the Mathematics Specialist

SPED 5443 – Diagnosis and Remediation of Math-Related Deficits


Required Specialization Component: 18 hours

(*) MATH 5513 – The Teaching of Algebra and Functions

(*) MATH 5523 – The Teaching of Number and Operations

(*) MATH 5533 – The Teaching of Geometry and Measurement

(*) MATH 5543 – Mathematical Problem Solving for Teachers

(*) MATH 5553 – The Teaching of Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

MATH 5593 – Problems and Issues in Mathematics Education


Required Field Component: 3 hours

EDUC 5683 – Practicum



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