Workplace Violence

Workplace violence may take many forms and may include use of deadly weapons. Use the following procedures for Gunfire or a Hostage Situation.


  1. If gunfire is heard, seek refuge in an area that can be locked from within. Barricade main door with all furniture possible.  If possible, choose a room without windows. Once inside the room, hide quietly in a closet, bathroom or under a desk, if possible.
  2. If a phone is immediately available, and it is safe to do so, call Campus Police at 745-2727.
  3. Take no action to intervene.

Hostage Situation

  1. Immediately evacuate the building, using the posted evacuation routes. Carefully avoid the attention of those taking hostages.
  2. Take no action to intervene.
  3. Call Campus Police at 745-2727. Provide as much information as possible.

Remember to never put yourself in harms way.