Tornado Watch

The conditions in the area specified are capable of producing a tornado.

Tornado Warning

A tornado is actually on the ground or funnel rotation has been indicated by radar.

Tornado Notification

  1. Civil Defense siren will sound, and/or
  2. Campus Police will notify you.
  3. Information from local TV/Radio Stations confirmed by Campus Police.

When a Tornado Warning is Given

Everyone will follow all directives given by emergency operations personnel and proceed with safety to the nearest shelter area. Everyone on campus has a responsibility during a tornado emergency. A list of these responsibilities is outlined below.

  1. Faculty will inform their class of the shelter location and lead them there. Once safely in the shelter, the faculty member will take roll and note any unaccounted for students.
  2. Staff and employees will be led by supervisors to shelter locations. Once safely in the shelter, the supervisor or a designated employee will take a headcount and note any unaccounted for personnel.
  3. Visitors, students with no scheduled class and employees not in assigned shelters will check into the nearest shelter location and report to any Emergency Operations Manager. EOMs will make note of the visitor, student or employee.

Tornado Shelters

  • Morrison Main Basement
  • Morrison Custodial Breakroom Basement (North Side of Building)
  • Fine Arts Basement
  • Fine Arts – Little Theater – ADA Saferoom
  • Biology Basement(Northeast Side of Building)
  • Bloomer Arena – Dressing Rooms and North Hallways
  • Paul Laird Field – West Bleachers – Residence Life Students Designated Shelter.

Before an emergency strikes, take time to identify your safest place at home, at work and at school. Many people have survived strong tornadoes in a closet or small interior room without windows. Usually the safest place will be on the lowest floor in center of building. No place is guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Emergency Management Sirens are tested the FIRST Wednesday of the month, weather permitting.

Storm Shelters/Safe Areas : If  Necessary

If you cannot get to Morrison Basement, the listed areas may help you.

Administration Building

  • If time permits, go to Morrison Building basement; if not seek shelter in the innermost part of building on first floor away from doors and windows.


  • Storm shelters north side of building

Big Five Daycare

  • Evacuate to Morrison Building basement. If unable to evacuate, find an interior closet or hallway with no windows.

Biological Sciences Building

  • Basement (Northeast Side of Building)
  • Lowest floor in any interior room away from outer doors and windows.

Bloomer Sullivan Arena

  • Go to the tunnel hallways or interior dressing rooms/restrooms.

Choctaw/Chickasaw Dormitories

  • Evacuate to Paul Laird Field – West Bleachers or Morrison Basement
  • If unable to evacuate, gather on interior first floor away from outside walls and windows.

EOC/Talent Search

  • Evacuate to Morrison Building basement. If unable to make to Morrison go to the nearest open building, going to interior hallways or restrooms, do not stay in these buildings.

Equestrian Center

  • Storm Cellar

Fine Arts Building

  • Interior hallways, bathrooms or any interior room.
  • The basement of the building .
  • Little Theater is the ADA Designated Shelter


  • Any room/hallway away from exterior doors and windows.


  • Use Basement & First Floor halls and stairwells. Avoid bookshelves if possible.

Massey Building (Downtown Ballroom)

  • Any interior room on the lowest level away from outer doors and windows.

Math Building

  • Evacuate to the Morrison Building Basement. If unable to evacuate, find a closet, interior bathroom or other room with no windows or exterior doors.

Morrison Building – Basements

  • Can use hallways, bathrooms, and any classroom that does not contain windows
  • Gather in the hallway that runs East/West & both hallways that run North/South
  • Men and Women restrooms in basement area.
  • Custodial basement break room north side of building.

New Student Union

  • Basement of Cafeteria, or lower level bathrooms or hallways away from exterior doors or windows.
  • Men and Women locker rooms/restrooms. Do not stand out in the game lobby!

New Theater Building (Old Activity Center)

  • Evacuate to New Arena, do not stay in this building!

North Hall

  • First floor hallway away from windows and doors

Old Student Union/Hallie McKinney

  • Lower level area away from exterior doors and windows.
  • Hallways, interior bathrooms and closets.
  • Basement – enter at Loading Dock

Physical Plant

  • Any interior room away from outer doors and windows.

Police Department

  • Interior room without windows or exterior doors, or restrooms

President’s Home

  • Small-sized room in basement area.

Russell Building (John Massey School of Business)

  • First Floor stairwell or first floor hallways away from windows or exterior doors
  • Interior bathrooms or interior closet

Safety Building

  • Classroom OSH-225, interior bathrooms or hallways

Science Building

  • First floor hallways away from exterior doors and windows and interior bathrooms.

Shearer Hall & Suites

  • Evacuate to the Paul Laird Field – West Bleachers.
  • Evacuate to the Morrison Shelter, Fine Arts basement as an alternate location.
  • If no time to evacuate, go to first floor interior hallways away from exterior doors and window or interior bathrooms.

Small Business Development

  • Interior rooms without windows or exterior doors, or restrooms.

University Center

  • Go to the interior hallway.

Visual Arts Building (old Industrial Technology Building)

  • Center hallway away from exterior doors and windows or interior bathrooms.

Visual & Performing Arts Center (VPAC)

  • Any interior room/hallway away from outer doors and windows.
  • Stay away from large windows such as those in the Display Gallery

Welcome Center

  • Bathrooms or interior rooms away from exterior doors and windows.

Morrison Building Basement, Fine Arts Little Theater is the ADA Designated Safe Room and Fine Arts Basement.

Buildings with approved safe room basements are:

  1. Morrison Main Basement
  2. Morrison Custodial Basement (North Side of Building)
  3. Fine Arts basement
  4. Fine Arts Little Theater – designated ADA Safe Room
  5. Paul Laird Field – West Bleachers
  6. Biology Basement
  7. Bloomer Arena – Lower Area Dressing Rooms
  8. Hallie enter at loading dock basement to right

Important Things to Remember

  • Avoid areas in buildings with wide span and glass overhead, such as Gymnasiums and Atriums.
  • Do not stand in front of any glass windows.
  • Most storms travel from Southwest to Northeast direction.

Institute Evacuation Procedures (same as fire drill)

  1. Tornado siren will be sounded by the Bryan Co. Emergency Management Office.
  2. All Housing personnel in building are to fall into duty, whether scheduled or not, and assist in evacuation.
  3. Notify each dorm.
  4. Make each resident, if possible, aware of situation. Do not waste time trying to convince a non-complying individual, but do note that they were warned.
  5. Residents are to go to Paul Laird Field – West Bleachers
  6. If time does not permit evacuation to Paul Laird Field, Residents are to take shelter against interior walls on the lowest floor possible and away from windows.
  8. Alternate Shelters are Morrison Basements and Fine Arts Basements.