Medical Emergency

  1. Do not move a seriously injured person unless that person’s life would be threatened by not doing so.
  2. Render first-aid or CPR if trained.  Contact university nurse at  745-3020.
  3. Do not leave the injured person unattended except to call for help. Call Campus Police at 745-2727.
  4. When reporting a medical emergency, provide the following information:
    • Type of Emergency
    • Location of Injured
    • Condition of Injured
    • Any dangerous conditions
  5. Comfort the injured person until EMS arrives.
  6. Have someone stand outside the building to flag EMS as they reach the building.
  7. If exposed to injured person’s body fluids, wash exposed area and contact the safety Office at 745-2868, if no answer, call Campus Police at 745-2727.