Fire Alarm Evacuation Procedures

The Fire alarm is sounded in the event of any smoke, fire, etc. When a fire alarm sounds for any reason, do the following:

  1. Make sure that the Fire Department (9-911) & Campus Police (745-2727) are contacted.
    1. Give building name.
    2. Give your name.
    3. Follow designated plan for evacuation of building.
    4. Have available list of residents with special assistance needs for evacuation.
  2. Evacuate from the building using nearest designated exit
    1. Know two ways out.
    2. Use enclosed stairwells, if available.
    3. Continue evacuating even if the alarm stops before you are out of the building.
    4. Completely leave the building; do not gather in the lobbies or entrances.
  3. Do not return to the building until the all clear is given by the Fire Department.

This is to be done each time the Fire Alarm Sounds!

What You Should Do If You Discover A Fire

  1. Sound vocal alarm and mechanical alarms
  2. Report a fire to Fire Department – 9-911 and Campus Police – extension 2727
  3. Leave building and do not re-enter until all clear is given by the Fire Department.