Bomb Threats

  1. If you receive a bomb threat over the phone, remain calm and try to act courteous. If possible, get another person to listen on another extension. Try to obtain as much of the following information as possible.
    • Location of the bomb
    • Expected time of explosion
    • The bomb type
    • Reason it was placed
    • The name or affiliation of the caller
  2. Call Campus Police at 745-2727 immediately after receiving the bomb threat. Provide dispatcher with all the information obtained during the phone call.
  3. Do not touch or move unfamiliar objects. If the threat was made by note or mail, do not handle. Turn off all cellular phones and wait for police to arrive.
  4. Campus Police will then determine whether an evacuation should be issued. If Building is evacuated you should account for all building occupants at the designated meeting point.