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Occupational Safety Internship Guidelines

The purpose of an internship is to provide students an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field by receiving actual on-the-job responsibilities from an experienced professional in the field of occupational safety & health.


The internship can be initiated by the department, student, or employer as the opportunity arises. Generally, the internship will occur during the summer months after the student has gained at least 60 hours of college credit which must include at least 15 hours of occupational safety credit. The internship can be scheduled for fall or spring semester as the need arises. Co-op students will be able to make arrangements for work/school throughout the academic year by rotating their work schedule and university coursework.

Academic Credit

The nature of the internship, length of time, and other factors will determine the actual academic credit earned during the internship. Academic credit will range from 3 to 6 hours. The student must enroll in Internship (SFTY-4600) before beginning work.


The internship must be approved by the department chairman before any academic credit can be accumulated. A written agreement from the employer (including required financial compensation to the student), detailed job description, and supervisor qualifications must be forwarded to the department chairman as soon as possible before the internship is to begin. An SOSU Department of Occupational Safety liability wavier must be picked up and signed by the potential intern before the internship begins. The intern must email a weekly progress report to the department chairman as part of the internship academic requirement.


Students interested in an internship should begin research early for an acceptable employer and should submit a letter of interest and resumé to allow the employer to begin consideration as soon as possible prior to the academic term in which the internship is to commence. All materials, including the liability wavier, must be submitted to the department chair for approval before the internship commences (if seeking academic credit).


All internship questions form either the potential employer or safety student should be directed to the department chairman at:
1405 North 4th Avenue, PMB-4233, Durant OK 74701 or by calling 1-800-435-1327 ext. 2292.

Neither Southeastern Oklahoma State University or the Department of Occupational Safety & Health assumes any liability for students employed as Occupational safety & Health Interns. A liability wavier must be signed by the student before the internship is to commence.