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Native Studies is a newly emerged discipline. Our program has been in existence at SOSU for over two decades. Now is an exciting time to be a part of Native Studies due to the scholarly activities that are taking place along the academic landscape. These activities are shaping and informing at the individual to national levels.

A minor in Native Studies (NS) at Southeastern Oklahoma State University is a commitment to preserving tribal traditions and future endeavors through educational instruction.

We seek excellence in education of all enrolled students for our communities. We aim to teach the Native experience with significant attention given to the future in order to better our diverse and rich communities.



The major goal of the Native Studies program is to provide SOSU students with a Native-centered education. Many students plan to work for area tribes or with Native people. So, it is important to understand from a cultural, historical, and psychological viewpoint the past and future of Native people.



                Students will critically examine, appreciate, and internalize the Indigenous experience. Also, students will prepare themselves to work on behalf of Native people.