• Mr. Jeremy Blackwood, Instructor – Voice, Diction, and Vocal Pedagogy
  • Dr. Mary Ann Craige, Professor – Class Piano, Applied Piano, Accompanying
  • Dr. Tristan Eggener, Assistant Professor – Applied Tuba, Music Theory, and Jazz Band Director
  • Dr. Steven Emge, Professor – Music in American Society, Music Technology, Applied Voice
  • Dr. Robert McFadden, Professor – Applied Piano, Music History and Literature, Accompanying, Aural Skills
  • Joshua H. Nannestad – Assistant Professor – Choral Music Education
  • Dr. Jacob Wallace, Assistant Professor – Director of Bands, Instrumental Music Education, Conducting
  • Dr. Stacy Weger, Associate Professor – Director of Chorale Activities, Vocal Music Education, Department of Music Chair
  • Dr. Marc White, Professor – Director of Percussion Studies, New Student Coordinator
  • Dr. Jeri Walker, Professor – Donna Massey Professor of Music Education

Adjunct Faculty