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  • Music Degree Outlines

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The degree plans offered by the Department of Music are designed to prepare graduates for a diversity of placement opportunities. Our primary goal is to prepare the Music Major for success as a teacher and/or a performer. Working in tandem with our outstanding Teacher Education Department, you as a Southeastern graduate will be superbly trained with the tools to be a leader in whatever field you choose.

Graduates of our Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) program are becoming the most sought after in the state for the wide-open and increasingly lucrative teaching field. You have the option of entering the rewarding teaching profession as a band director, orchestra director, choral music director, or elementary music specialist.

You also have the opportunity to earn the Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree with an emphasis in performance. This degree is a reflection of the highest level of performance ability which will be recognized by graduate schools and professional organizations.

We also offer the Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.) which is a multi-discipline degree program intended to prepare you for one of a variety of positions in the music industry, such as: radio-television, musical theatre, retail merchandising, concert management, publishing, editing, etc….

Besides placement in public schools, some graduates go directly into graduate study, open private teaching studios, become ministers of music and educational directors for churches, enter the college teaching profession or engage in a private aspect of the music business.

With a variety of degree plans and options, the education you will receive at Southeastern will be second to none!

  • Curriculum

Completion of a degree in music normally requires a minimum of four school years. Subjects studied will include class lessons in performance, private study in a primary instrument or in voice, music literature and history, theory of music, conducting and participation in various ensembles. Sixty-nine (69) semester credit hours must be earned in general education courses. Students seeking teacher certification must also complete a block of courses in psychology, methods and media of teaching, and student teaching.

General Education Requirements, elective options, course numbers and descriptions, as well as Music Degree Outlines and descriptions of Music Courses offered can be viewed on or accessed from the Academic Information web site. Details are also available in the University’s Academic Catalog.

  • Advisement

Music majors will be assigned an advisor to aid them in enrollment procedures throughout their course of study. It is the student’s responsibility to see their advisor regularly to update their progress.

  • Recitals and Concerts

An essential part of a music education is becoming familiar with the vast repertoire of musical literature. Music majors are encouraged to be in attendance at all musical programs offered by the Department of Music. These include student recitals, faculty recitals, Musical Arts Series concerts, choral concerts, band concerts, senior recitals, small ensemble programs and Opera Workshop.

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