Aligators, Eagles and Pelicans Spotted on Zoology Trip

Dr. Meek's Zoology class visited the Red Slough.

Dr. Meek’s Zoology class visited the Red Slough.

Dr. Cassandra Meek’s Zoology class recently took a field trip to the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area. The Red Slough covers 7800 acres and is located 6 miles from Haworth, OK. Habitat includes a reclaimed rice farm field, marshes, wetlands, and a bottom-land hardwood forest. The area is also a waterfowl refuge, and over 300 bird species have been documented at the Red Slough, making it a popular site for birdwatchers. Wildlife Biologist, David Arbour, conducted the tour. Students were shown many diverse types of flora and fauna, many of which are rare and not commonly found in other parts of the state. Highlights of the trip included sightings of a pair of Bald Eagles, several American Alligators, and pelicans. Can you spot the alligator hidden in the swamp?

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