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Section 1—Master Planning within the University Context

The University Mission

Planning is recognized as an integral component of the overall strategy for University development which should be driven by the academic priorities of the institution. The Campus Master Plan (the Plan) is intended to be an essential resource document that supports Vision 2015.

Southeastern will be a leader and innovator in higher education.  Strong academic and student life programs with a solid liberal arts and sciences foundation will characterize the University.  Areas such as diversity, globalization, uniqueness, and cultural richness will be distinctive features of the institution.

Major Initiatives:  (1) Promote student enrichment experiences (2) Expand beyond our regional image (3) Optimize the learning environment (4) Enhance collaboration and partnerships.

Five Strategic Goals:  (1) Academic Excellence (2) Diversity and Cultural Competence (3) Facilities (4) Functions (5) Recruitment and Retention.

Facilities:  By 2015, Southeastern will have made major progress in developing a “state of the art” campus to meet the teaching/learning goals of the university.

Campus Master Plan Concept and Objectives

Master Plan Concept and Objectives

The Plan recognizes that a major role of the planning process is to provide for the campus community a setting that enhances the quality of life for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Plan must also entertain the idea that the individuals change, but the academic pursuits and the student activities continue through the years. This concept of creating a design that endures must be embraced by the Plan.

The Plan establishes a broad framework that will guide the development of the Campus in terms of appropriate use of the land as well as the preservation and enhancement of the open spaces. In addition, the Plan must address the requirements of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Consideration in these areas should establish an attractive, welcoming link between Southeastern and the surrounding community. The goal is to ensure that development decisions made in the near future reflect and contribute to a clear, long range concept of a unified, efficient, accessible, and attractive campus.

The Plan must support the University’s mission by conserving the use of land and physical resources while sustaining an environment that reinforces a sense of community, while supporting the learning process and enhancing the traditions that are unique to Southeastern.

These objectives provide the foundation for long range planning:

  • Provide a framework for the management of growth in the future
  • Provide for continuous improvement of the campus facilities
  • Conserve natural resources and historical aspects of campus
  • Preserve open spaces
  • Manage vehicular circulation and pedestrian traffic
  • Provide for a distinctly Southeastern identity