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Wireless Voucher Request Form

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

To request a wireless voucher number for a guest please fill out this form.

Expect Change

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Not only have we completed many projects this past semester, but we also have many more changes to come within this fiscal year. The Help Desk will be upgrading the hardware available to students in the computer labs located in Science 115, Math 104, and Fine Arts 206. These labs will have all new hardware and the operating system will be updated to Windows 7 Professional with the Microsoft Office 2010 application suite. The labs aren’t the only things that will be changing.The Help Desk will also be replacing approximately 250 computers on campus this fiscal year. Administrative Computing will be changing the way student billing statements are viewed. The new format will be much easier to read in that it is not sorted based on when a transaction took place, but rather what category it falls under. This category view will be a lot simpler and easier to read. Administrative Computing has also made a “Net Price Calculator” available to students. This is a tool that allows students to calculate the estimated cost for their semester and also shows them what financial aid they might qualify for.


IT Completes Many Projects

Monday, December 12th, 2011

The Southeastern Oklahoma State University IT Department is proud to announce that we have completed many projects over the course of this past Fall semester. These projects were geared toward a more streamlined system for the students,faculty, and staff. The IT Department is comprised of many smaller departments that work together to ensure that the qualityof hardware, software, and networking solutions available to SE’s campuses is up-to-date and running smoothly.

Projects completed by the Network Operations department this past semester include: upgrading the data center, installing a new battery backup system for the data center,upgrades to the student file server as well as domain servers,and upgrades to the wireless authentication server. Network Operations also completed a collaborative project with CIDT to upgrade from Blackboard 7 to Blackboard 9.1. Also completed were changes to the wireless network thatserves the Aviation Sciences Center. The network has been running much more efficiently than with the previous system. Additionally, it is saving the university on costs as well as time as it does not require as much maintenance as the previous system.

The Information Technology Department is always looking for ways to improve the technology that is available to everyone on the SE campus, and we strive to meet or exceed the expectations for technologyon campus.Network Operations will also be implementing a new content management system (called Drupal) to the SE website which will allow changes to be made much more quickly. In addition, KSSU is now streaming LIVE online at and can be accessed through any browser so that you can listen to our campus radio station anywhere!


Campus Connect will be unavailable

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Campus Connect will be unavailable at times during the week of August 1st due to final grades processing for Summer 2011. Access to CampusConnect and certain CampusConnect options will be also be intermittent during this time. Grade reports and enrollment will be available when CampusConnect is accessible but “View Transcript” access may not be available until final grades processing is complete. Thank you for your patience.

SE University Phone Lines

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

At this time, incoming and outgoing phone lines at the Durant campus are down due to a power outage on campus. There is no ETA yet as to when the service will be restored. At&t has been contacted and will be working to restore phone service. OGE has also been contacted regarding the power issue(s) on campus.

All email servers are working at this time and would be the best method for contacting staff on campus until the phones are available. The faculty and staff directory is available here:
The phone number for emergency calls to campus police is (580) 920-3733. This is for emergencies only.