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Southeastern Grant Routing Procedure

All grant applications submitted with the university as the applicant must be approved by the department’s chair, the appropriate dean, and then submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for final routing.  Mrs. Gladys Skinner is the Manager of Research and Sponsored Programs and her office is located if the Office of Finance, Room 208 of the Administration Building.  Her phone extension is 2142 and her e-mail address is

Feel free to contact Paul Buntz, Grant Coordinator/Writer for assistance in routing your grant proposal.  He will help you prepare the forms to be submitted for routing, which are:

Preapplication, Internal Review and Approval Form:  This form is to be completed before the grant application is prepared.  It does not include any financial information.  It is a “heads up” form to alert those who will later review the final application that an application is being prepared.  Any questions about the grant can be addressed prior to the Principal Investigator invests extensive time in writing the grant proposal.

After the grant proposal has been completed, the Principal Investigator will proceed with the final routing of the grant. There are three forms that comprise the final routing:

Grant Proposal/Grant Award Routing and Approval Form: This form will list all sources of funding for the project, but without detailed numbers.   University equipment and space needs for the project will be addressed.

Proposed Grant Summary Form: This form is for the grant funds (not matching funds) and a detailed listing of how grant funds will be used.

Matching Funds for Grants and Contracts: This form is for the matching funds only, and how the matching funds will be spent.

All of these forms are available in the forms section of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs page at .