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Student Organizations

Students in the Criminal Justice program at SE are actively involved in the following two organizations.

Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ΛΑΕ) is an organization under the aegis of the American Criminal Justice Association that primarily is composed of pre-service (student) law enforcement personnel.  The aims of Lambda Alpha Epsilon are, according the organization’s website (http://www.acjalae.org)

Aims and Purposes of Lambda Alpha Epsilon

1. To promote a greater fraternal relationship among graduates of technical and professional police schools.

2. To promote higher standards of educational attainment among peace officers.

3. To promote the institution of courses of police science by recognized colleges and universities.

4. To promote research projects in the field of police science.

5. To promote a better understanding by the public of the aims and ideals of peace officer organizations.

6. To promote the selection of properly trained personnel for law enforcement positions.

7. To promote standard modern methods in the field of law enforcement.

8. To promote unity of action among law enforcement agencies.

Students in SE’s Criminal Justice program may also join Alpha Phi Sigma (AΦΣ).  Alpha Phi Sigma is the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.  Its web address is http://www.alphaphisigma.org.  Alpha Phi Sigma is the only honor society for criminal justice majors.  This society recognizes academic excellence of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of criminal justice and law.