About CC&PS

CC&PS includes the disciplines of chemistry, computer science, computer information systems, and physical sciences.  We offer undergraduate programs leading to baccalaureate degrees in chemistry, computer information systems, computer science, and science education.  In addition, CC&PS offers minors in chemistry, computer science, environmental science, health information technology, and information technology.

CC&PS mission objectives include:

  • preparing students for scientific career opportunities in industry and government;
  • providing students with the pre-professional training required for entrance into schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, nursing, physical therapy, engineering, medical technology, pharmacy, and allied public health fields;
  • preparing students to enter the teaching profession in science education;
  • preparing students for graduate study in biotechnology, chemistry, and computer science.

The interested student is encouraged to participate in a directed research experience as an integral part of the science program. All majors are required to take the capstone senior seminar course which will include some form of major assessment in their senior year.


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