On-Campus Jobs @ SE

On-Campus Jobs @ SE for SE Students

  • For Part-Time Student Jobs on the SE CAMPUS–an applicant must be a currently enrolled student at Southeastern Oklahoma State University to apply for the positions listed.
  • Please note:  Check your Campus Connect student account or the SE Office of Financial Aid to determine if you are eligible for Work Study or Regular Work  student work.
  • To apply for an on-campus job, please take a completed Application for Student Employment, along with your class schedule, to the department(s) listed below under SE On-Campus Jobs.  Some jobs may be filled before they are removed from the list.
  • An APPLICATION for STUDENT EMPLOYMENT can be printed from:  http://homepages.se.edu/hr/files/2013/10/Application-for-Employment-Student-8-2012.pdf
  • Full-Time or non-student SE jobs can be found on the SE Human Resources website:  http://homepages.se.edu/hr/employment-opportunities/

The On-Campus Jobs @ SE:

Eligibility to work on campus and approval for Work Study or Regular Work does not guarantee a job on campus.  Job descriptions listed below are not intended to be full or official descriptions of the actual duties. See the individual hiring departments for details.

  • Sodexo, the SE Food Service Provider is seeking several Work Study student workers to assist as Cashier for morning duty, Dish Room worker during lunch, a Bakery Prep assistant and morning and/or evening Servers.  Wait Staff are also needed. Many types of jobs available at Sodexo for both cafe and for catering.  Must be dependable/reliable, self-motivated, with good attention to detail.  Organizational skills are essential, along with good attitude and willingness to learn.  Will work around your schedule.  Please visit the cafeteria (cafe) to request a Sodexo application.  Ask for Ms. Sandy, in the SE Student Union Cafe, to get details about the jobs available for students and bring along a copy of your class schedule when applying.
  • SE’s Student Health Services seeks a Work-Study student worker to help create and manage multiple computer-related/web design projects. Duties include the ability to use SE approved web development software (WordPress) to update and maintenance/development multiple webpages and projects for this department. Must have excellent computer skills, especially related to web development. Those skills are important to the job. Must be self-motivated, reliable (show up for work as scheduled and on time), with good communication skills and keen ability to focus on the tasks at hand; good attention to detail. Must also be organized and able to complete projects in a timely manner and/or by deadlines set by supervisor. Others duties may also be assigned, including office/clerical, running errands, etc.. Please bring a completed Application for Student Employment and a copy of your class schedule to Student Health Services located in the Johnson Student Union, Suite 200 or call 580-745-2867 for more information.
  • SE’s Center for Instructional Design and Technology (CIDT) seeks to fill two Work Study positions, up to 10 hours per week each.  These positions will require training in the use of BlackBoard (Bb), from the Bb administrative perspective, by an instructor.  Once training is completed the work study student workers will assist with Bb course creation, enrollments and design. Other duties include assisting faculty and students with errors related to the Bb system and with assisting in creating video and other creative content for online Bb courses.  Prefer Education majors or minors, Art/Communication/Theatre majors or minors or Computer Science majors or minors.  Other majors will also be considered.  Must be trainable on aspects of Bb system, positive attitude, possess/exhibit excellent communication and customer skills (especially while training/helping others), dependable and on-time to work.  Other duties as assigned.  To apply, please bring completed Application for Student Employment (see link above) and a copy of your Fall 2014 class schedule, to Ms. Christala Smith in the CIDT, located on the 3rd floor of the Russell building (Massey School of Business), room 317-A.
  • SE’s Telecommunications Department seeks a Regular Work student worker to work as a Telephone Technician.  No experience necessary.  Training will be provided; however some amount of technical knowledge of cable connections and wiring is preferred (not required).  Duties will include running cable and/or other wiring through walls, ceilings or other locations, installation of phones and other devices, repair of same and troubleshooting problems with existing wiring or phone systems.  This is a physical job and may require going into crawl spaces, going up into attics or drop-down ceilings, etc.  Must be willing to learn and carry out physical duties of the job.  To apply, please complete an Application for Student Employment (see link above) and, bring it and a copy of your class schedule to Ms. Shirley Cartwright in the Russell Building (Massey School of Business), room 309 (3rd floor).
  • SE’s Athletics Department seeks a Work Study student to keep score at all Home Volleyball games.  Knowledge of the game of Volleyball is crucial to this position, as well as being on-time and at work when scheduled.  Work times will include nights and weekends during the season.  Other related duties may also be assigned.  Please complete a copy of the Application for Student Employment (see link above) and bring the completed copy, along with a copy of your Fall 2014 Academic schedule to Ms. Cherrie Wilmoth, located in the Health, PE & Recreation building (HPER room 118-B) or call for more information:  x-2690.
  • SE’s Office of Admissions and Recruitment seeks a Regular Work student worker to assist with various social media responsibilities.  These duties will vary and will require active involvement in on-campus activities in order to post these activities onto the Recruitment Office’s social media pages.  Social media will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  A basic knowledge of how to update/maintain these pages is required.  Also required is a person who is actively involved in SE events, held throughout the semester, at various times, which may include evenings and weekends.  Must be able to acquire/collect and upload content, including photos and videos using a smartphone and/or camera (camera may be provided by the department).  For a more detailed job description and to apply, please contact Nick in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, located in the Administration building, room 101.  Please complete an Application for Student Employment (see link above), then take a completed copy, along with a copy of your Fall 2014 class schedule to Nick in A-101.


Please read the information below, if you are seeking a job, on or off-campus: ~~~ Off-Campus Jobs:  The CMC has a few listings for Off-Campus jobs, both part and full-time, with companies not associated with the University.  The CMC is located in the SE Welcome Center across from the campus Book Store.

How to Improve Your Chances of Obtaining Employment on Campus and Elsewhere:  It is recommended, when you approach someone to apply for a job, you wear appropriate, clean attire.  Do not expect an employer (on-campus or otherwise) to be impressed with you if you dress poorly or smell as if you have just come from a workout (see below).  An employer is NOT required to give you a job just because you are eligible to work.   Research & Follow Up:  Be sure to know what an employer actually does and wants you to do, before you apply for a job with them.  Research what the office is/does and find out what your actual duties will be before you apply for the job.

Follow up with the employer within one week of turning in your application.  That means call them or drop by their office/business to let them know you are still interested in the job.  Always be polite to whomever assists you and show up 10-15 minutes early for interviews and/or each work day if you are hired.   Once you are hired, you are supposed to actually go to work.  A job is different than going to class.  You can miss a few classes, if the instructor is lenient; but if you miss work without permission, you may be terminated. What to wear to an interview:  Casual to Business Casual is appropriate when applying for an on-campus job; casual is usually best when applying for a fast food job.  Business professional is best if applying at an office, bank or a place where professionals frequent.

Casual does not include t-shirt and/or shorts.  Minimize showing off piercings and tattoos if possible.  We know you are proud of those, but removing piercings and hiding tattoos under clothing, when applying and interviewing, helps you appear more professional.  For more info:  http://www.jjay.cuny.edu/Excellent_Dress.pdf For more information on Interviewing Skills and Professional Attire, please conctact the SE Career Management Center (CMC) at 580-745-2270 or www.SE.edu/careers/.  Check with the CMC, view the website or check bulletin boards around campus for any jobs or career-related workshops throughout the school year.