On-Campus Jobs @ SE

SE’s Career Management Center:  (O) 580-745-2270; (F)  580-745-7486

On-Campus Jobs @ SE for SE Students

  • For Part-Time Student Jobs on the SE CAMPUS–an applicant must be a currently enrolled student at Southeastern Oklahoma State University to apply for the positions listed.
  • Please note:  Check your Campus Connect student account or the SE Office of Financial Aid to determine if you are eligible for Work Study or Regular Work  student work.
  • To apply for an on-campus job, please take a completed Application for Student Employment, along with your class schedule, to the department(s) listed below under SE On-Campus Jobs.  Some jobs may be filled before they are removed from the list.
  • An APPLICATION for STUDENT EMPLOYMENT can be printed from:  http://homepages.se.edu/hr/files/2013/10/Application-for-Employment-Student-8-2012.pdf
  • Full-Time or non-student SE jobs can be found on the SE Human Resources website:  http://homepages.se.edu/hr/employment-opportunities/

The On-Campus Jobs @ SE:

Eligibility to work on campus and approval for Work Study or Regular Work does not guarantee a job on campus.  Job descriptions listed below are not intended to be full or official descriptions of the actual duties. See the individual hiring departments for details.  Apply now for Spring 2015:

  • SE’s Office of Continuing Education is seeking Lifeguards for Spring 2015 Aquatics and possibly Summer Children and Adult Aquatics programs.  American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification is required. Certification training may be available.  Lifeguard work hours are flexible, but may include nights and weekends.  Other requirement information can be had by contacting the Office, located in the SE Welcome Center, directly across the street from the SE campus Barnes & Noble Bookstore, or by calling Brandi at 745-2858.
  • SE’s Office of International Student Services (ISS) seeks a Regular Work student worker for the Spring 2015 semester to assist with various office duties.  Duties may include, but will not be limited to, running errands around campus, developing forms and other materials, updating the ISS website and Social Media, assisting in the creation of videos, the coordination of new programs for International Students and co-editing an ISS newsletter.  Please bring a completed Application for Student Employment (see link above) and a copy of your class schedule to Dr. Steven Hales, Director of ISS, located in the Union, room 324.
  • The Office of the Registrar at SE has an immediate need for a Work Study student worker.  This position offers a wide variety of duties, including, but not limited to, assisting students with enrollment, dropping/adding courses, processing official/unofficial transcript requests and assisting with general information, as requested by any or all visitors.  Other duties may include, answering/directing incoming calls, filing and related clerical duties.  Please complete an Application for Student Employment (see link above) and bring it, along with a copy of your class schedule, to the Registrar’s Office, located on the bottom floor of the Admin building.  



Please read the information below, if you are seeking a job, on or off-campus: ~~~ Off-Campus Jobs Board:  The CMC may have a few listings for Off-Campus jobs, both part time and full-time, with companies not associated with the University.  The CMC is located in the SE Welcome Center across from the campus Book Store.

How to Improve Your Chances of Obtaining Employment on Campus and Elsewhere:  It is recommended, when you approach someone to apply for a job, you wear appropriate, clean attire.  Do not expect an employer (on-campus or otherwise) to be impressed with you if you dress poorly or smell as if you have just come from a workout (see below).  An employer is NOT required to give you a job just because you are eligible to work.   Research & Follow Up:  Be sure to know what an employer actually does and wants you to do, before you apply for a job with them.  Research what the office is/does and find out what your actual duties will be before you apply for the job.

Follow up with the employer within one week of turning in your application.  That means call them or drop by their office/business to let them know you are still interested in the job.  Always be polite to whomever assists you and show up 10-15 minutes early for interviews and/or each work day if you are hired.   Once you are hired, you are supposed to actually go to work.  A job is different than going to class.  You can miss a few classes, if the instructor is lenient; but if you miss work without permission, you may be terminated. What to wear to an interview:  Casual to Business Casual is appropriate when applying for an on-campus job; casual is usually best when applying for a fast food job.  Business professional is best if applying at an office, bank or a place where professionals frequent.

Casual does not include t-shirt and/or shorts.  Minimize showing off piercings and tattoos if possible.  A professional or, at the very least, a Business Casual appearance is helpful when seeking jobs on-campus jobs and jobs in the community. For more info: http://www.jjay.cuny.edu/Excellent_Dress.pdf For information on Interviewing Skills and Professional Attire, please conctact the SE Career Management Center (CMC) at 580-745-2270 or www.SE.edu/careers/.