Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Liberal and Applied Studies degree program?
Any student who has been admitted to Southeastern Oklahoma State University can enroll in the program.
What is the purpose of this degree?
This degree is designed, primarily, for those students who have credit hours but do not have enough credit in a particular area to qualify for a major OR for students desiring a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in one of six areas (Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, or Applied Behavioral Sciences).
Can I get a job with this degree?
Yes, you should be qualified for any job that requires a college degree.
Will this degree help me get into graduate school?
If you are contemplating graduate school or a professional school you should check with their required prerequisites.
Who should I contact about enrolling in this degree program?
Contact:  Academic Advising and Outreach Center, 580-745-2370 or