The Bachelor of Science in Liberal and Applied Studies (LAS) degree program permits students to design a course of study that suits their individual educational goals. It empowers students to have more control over the college academic experience, and, because of the broad-based curriculum, allows them to exercise creativity and innovation as they plan for their own careers.

This degree program is intended, primarily, for those students who have accumulated a considerable amount of credit hours but have not decided on a particular major field OR for students desiring a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in one of five areas (Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, or Applied Behavioral Sciences). The flexibility the program offers will help these students to obtain a baccalaureate degree without a considerable loss of time and academic credit.

The traditional “major” is replaced with a “Liberal and Applied Studies emphasis” that involves six of seven different possible areas of study. The primary focus of the degree is to provide a strong liberal arts background.